Having Tall Friends

You may wonder why I decided to put this particular photo as the featured one in this post. Well, it is about friendship but honestly you should have seen the full scale thing. My poor friend had to stand in crouched down until we got the photo right so our heights were matched. I am pretty sure all you tiny ladies have put your taller friends through this at least once. And to those tall friends we are sorry, we love you. This one is for both the shorties and tall girls and I hope you both enjoy it…

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Traveling – Short Girl Style


Disclaimer: This article is not about travel fashion or the joy of founding yourself in a new place. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy that part the most… This is about those disastrous things that can happen on the point in between places when you are too tiny…

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Trend Report: Off-the-Shoulder Tops

It’s that time again… I am currently in bed drowning in self-pity over the flu that is trying to get the best of me. But I am not giving up girls. There I am writing you an article with yet another trend for this fall/winter season. To be fair, it is probably one of my favorites and of course I also put in some pieces here and there that suggest more Fall-fashion things that are very much in right now. I have my napkins and tea ready, so let’s get on with it…

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Denim Is the New Black

Maybe the title of the article is a bit too cheesy? But well, it’s true, isn’t it? It is time for Fall already, and it seems that denim is going into the season with full speed. In whatever form and length and us tiny girls shouldn’t stray away from this wonderful trend. It’s time for the overalls, the jackets, shirts and jeans to be taken out but of course a few simple rules need to be followed in order for our height to be lengthened with a bit of illusion.

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Travel Style for the Shorties

“Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” – Ray Bradbury. I remember reading this quote somewhere about a year ago and then saving it because of the impact it had on me. It’s very much true, isn’t it? This quote made me realize that whatever I do, I will try to travel as much as possible. However, this post is not about travelling.Well, it is, but it is about fashion while travelling for all my tiny ladies and finding sufficient ways to experiment with simple pieces for more options for less packing and less effort.

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Short Girl Struggles: Winter Edition

I can honestly say that moving to the Netherlands may mean rain, sun, hail, rain and that cycle repeating itself over and over again but at least the piles of snow that sometimes were taller than me are where I left them: back home in Bulgaria. However, the little time I spent home for the holidays greeted me with enough snow to remember why being a shortie during the winter is not as fun. Oh and well, the Netherlands also has its downsides, don’t think that it doesn’t! So without further ado, there is my list of 5 struggles my tiny self has experienced during the winter.

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Living in the “Low Lands” with the Tallest People in the World


With an average height of 6’ (185 cm) and myself being 154 cm I decided to move here. Why? Education is good, price of it cheap and it’s an all in all beautiful country. But is it the only place with such qualities, probably not. So I should say that the primary reason can be stated as unknown.

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