Life Update: I Graduated!

“So what are you going to do now?” This has been the question I have been getting this whole summer. And when I think about it, it gets to a point where, even though, I practically have the doors open to so many opportunities, can I actually give an answer?

It was on July 10th when finally I received my diploma. I had my mom and my sister in the Netherlands to share it with me. I was happy, so so happy. I felt proud of myself for reaching the “I did it!” stage of life. I got to throw my hat like in the movies, wear a pretty dress and enjoy it with my family and friends. It was a perfect day…


Confusion was definitely a prime in my summer. I blame it on the uncertainty, the fact I was not bound to go back in a classroom or to an internship or writing a paper which decided of I graduated or not. The stress of not having stress and being able to decide what I want. I wasn’t fixed on a four-year span of projects and grades. Conversations with friends and my parents’ friends about life filled a lot of my time, along with taking time to myself to think has definitely made me grow a lot more than I anticipated.

And here I am, back writing, after a year of working seven days a week and finishing my dissertation. A more responsible, grown and content person with who I am and what I want. It seems my step back was also a step forward as I realized the dreams that I want to make a reality have always been there. And now after a summer of decisions, realizing dreams I thought I didn’t have, then I thought I had and then back to not having them, I guess I am back where I started: Creating my kind of art more so with my mind than anything else, doing what I am meant to…


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