Last Summer Days

It’s the very last days of summer… I know, I am sad, too. But there is still hope for some of us. And in order to keep this hope alive, I decided to do the last S/S report for this year. It revolves around the two best trends of this summer (at least for me) and pretty tiny street. You know, it’s all about tiny things on this blog…

Stripes and pink… Mainly pink. Why? Because everyone that knows me personally knows my obsession with it. I think half of my wardrobe consists of it but well, no shame in it. Stripes also, I have too many of them and when I noticed how much those two things were popping up in shops, as well as on my feeds, needless to say I was one happy girl.

The combination of the two was also pretty good and I noticed this whole summer I did do a bunch of similar combos which is why I wanted to share one of them with you.

The outfit in this pics is very, very comfy and it is on the more casual side and it is for those of you who love being a little bit more dressed down. I started with just a basic top. Of course, the top is pink which also brings a pop of color on its own. Paired with a pair of shorts with big stripes that are high waisted. The top is tucked in for a little illusion (let’s not forget, we need to cover the fact we’re tiny and make ourselves look taller). With my favorite Converse and hat, the outfit gets its casual feel. Then we have my fave sunglasses and tiny bag that fits so much, I still cannot understand how it works. I swear, it’s like magic.


It is indeed a very simple outfit, but I do think it looks cute and it is quite versatile with the right accessories.


Hopefully, I did manage to not only inspire you all but also spread some hope of not giving up on summer. Believe me, considering I am in the Netherlands, I know how depressing it can get. But let’s hope for the best, and maybe some sunny, warm days are on their way for us to rock some of our favorite summer trends a few more time.

Until next time my tiny and lazy fashionistas..

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