Rompers for Life

It is the middle of August, I am back in the weird Dutch weather, but you know what, there is always a little room left for summer style, if not for me then maybe for you girls. That’s why, there i is this one, which is a trend, I really think will not go out of style probably next summer, as well. Maybe because of its comfort, or because in the fact that there are literally an infinite number of variations to it.

Did you guess what I am talking about? It’s the infamous romper. Yup, I fell in love with them, too. Honestly, it did take a while, I didn’t really trust it, and I also wasn’t a big fan of shorts until recently I had the revelation I don’t look as bad as I though in them. Then, there was the whole if I can’t wear the short ones, I shouldn’t even think of the long-trouser ones, as my height just won’t let it fit without me tripping in fabric.

So all in all, I had given up on them, until in the beginning of summer, I walked into H&M and fell in love with the very piece that’s in this article. I put it on and in a Confessions of a Shopaholic style I just had to have it. And I did, of course, because yes, I have no self-control when it comes to clothes. Well, not always, just sometimes… Maybe more than sometimes…

However, let’s not blabber on about my bad habits, but let’s talk fashion. For sure, rompers are something every girl and not only tiny girl, should own. At least one, because they really are comfy and with the right accessories you can reach the level of formality you need. And yes, I know some of you may argue that going to the bathroom is an issue, but hey, it’s not that bad, especially if the piece is flowy (and has no zippers).

The romper I am wearing in the photos is a pink, flower heaven. Why pink, because it’s the color of the year, and also my wardrobe apparently. Definitely, summer appropriate, considering the heat I was in when taking the photos. Paired with my favorite summer hat, pink mirrored sunglasses (because duh, pink is the best)! Long earrings, and comfy flats, complete the outfit.




As simple as that, rompers can really be very versatile. There is one at every price point, color and style you may need.

There you have it girls, another trend for us small girls, you can for sure rock if you’re not already rocking it till the rest of the summer. Special thanks to Gery, for the wonderful photos taken in the beautiful Milan. Until next time, my tiny and lazy fashionistas…

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