Confessions of a Short Girl

I know, I know, it’s a double one again… Hectic months these were (Star Wars pun intended). However, here I am, waiting for flight number 5, destination number 4 and travel number 7. I honestly can’t believe it. This year truly is the best one, yet. That is also why, this post is dedicated to travels, I know I have already done one like this but trust me, it’s not the same one…

Ever since I was really young, traveling had always been a distant dream. There were all sorts of issues that prevented it. But as the end of the notorious 2016 arrived, I was home in Bulgaria at a doctor’s appointment having a wonderful conversation with my doctor about her recent trip to Chile. As we were sweet talking, I was complaining how I didn’t travel that much, she told me something that really stuck. She said, I shouldn’t wait as waiting is for losers, I should work more, get it together and just travel.

So I did. Of course, I had my best friend and partner in crime to always agree with me and follow me places, next to my constant nagging of: “let’s take pictures for the blog!” (Thank you Gery, you’re the bomb). Where was I you might ask? Check my Instagram (wink face). It’s probably too annoying…

I went to Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Belgium, and now again Bulgaria all the while being in home number 2 the Netherlands. Italy for sure, was the highlight, bucket list item number 1 in Europe. Oh, and you know, I didn’t have to look up at everyone I was talking which was a nice break from my tall Dutch people. The food, though. Jesus! I think we spent all our money on food, mainly gelato and oh my my, it was incredible.


Then, there was Belguim, amazing day trip with a few of my colleagues, where of course everything revolved around food, yet again. As we spent the whole day looking for fresh waffles. We found them, they were incredible. Yeah, I think my life just generally revolves around food, but it’s okay, I know you girls, get me.


But while I was doing the whole working my bootie off so I can afford all the travelling, I grained a few new insights on being a tiny girl. Our new security at the restaurant I work with have made me their laugh if the night and all our neck hurt from talking to each other. Nevertheless, they are my big protectors and personal tall stuff reachers. I know that’s not a word but, it’s my blog. Okay peeps…

What else, what else…  I also finished the third year of my bachelor and I guess that’s it.

Yup, a whole lot of things. But now as I am going on vacation home. I promise way more posts including some with the beautiful Italian photos and outfits) as summer is in full force and there is so much trends to talk about.

Until next time, my tiny and lazy fashionistas…

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