It’s a Man’s World

Is it really, though? A man’s world, because this trend is about shirts with banker stripes but they are literally turned upside down from the normality we’re used to. I like calling it the “weirdo shirts” trend as it involves bell sleeves, buttons in the back, embroidery, only one sleeve, cropped, over-sized or whatever you can think of that is tweaked out of the normal shirts we’re all used to. So let’s dig in, and see how we can use this trend and make it our own for the tiny girls that we are.

This trend is relatively versatile and there is honestly not much to look for when styling those kind of shirts. Of course, you do have to be careful with how over-sized and long they are, because you can easily drown in fabric, which will no look cute. As brands are coming up with so many styles and variations of these, I personally chose two that both have the banker stripes but are considerably different in the look you’d maybe want to portray. Of course, they are both done in a way every tiny fashionista can adapt and still look taller than she really is.

The first outfit is the more formal and I can even say the simpler one. Paired with just a pair of blue jeans and my converse. Of course, this can become even more formal with fancier shoes and black denim or pants. The “weirdo shirt” in this case is extra long-sleeved and has the so-called bell sleeves. It is, tucked in, short girl rule number 1, as you already know. The shirt does button up but in the back and the front has a peter pan collar.


Side note: Remember how obsessed people were with them a few years ago because it looks like they are making a comeback again.


Finally, apart from a pair of earrings there are not any accessories as the shirt itself is enough to create the outfit.

Outfit number two, the more edgier one of this trend’s mini look-book. Paired with the same jeans and converse (remember, we’re all lazy here) the top is the star of the outfit, for sure. It brings back some 80’s vibes with the one shoulder and also has embroidered flowers which are both trends that are found everywhere in the fashion scene this spring/summer season. The shirt is a little cropped, which instantly creates the illusion of being taller, and also has a little knot in the front. Accessories are again not needed, in this case, and that is why they are kept to a minimum.


If you ask me which one I like better out of the two, it would be a little hard to say. But the second one is definitely more me (I like flowers, don’t judge).


So there you have it girls, I hope you took some inspiration out of this “weirdo shirt” outfits and they help you with choosing how to style them on your own. And don’t forget, I named that trend, if anyone asks…

As always, a huge thank you to my amazing photographer Zhanina. Go check her out on Flickr, and Facebook and Instagram. Everywhere. Go. Go.

Until next time my tiny and lazy fashionistas..




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