Short Girl Struggles – Month: March + April

Heels + Flats

Well hello my girls! I hope you’re all enjoying spring and the sunshine (can you believe it we are having it in the Netherlands, as well!) Even though, I have been absent for a little while, I have definitely not been lazier than the usual. I had some technical issues but after almost a month of no laptop, struggles of retrieving data and having it returned back with no operating system, I can now officially say I can install Windows on my own. I am providing my services to those in need as well, and for a cheap price might I add.

Jokes aside, I am back full force and I have a double short girl struggles for you tiny girls, on heels and flats. Complete opposites, fire and ice, up and down, left and right. It’s pretty basic, heels are the obvious opposites of flats and I am pretty sure for most shorties out there including me the dilemma is real. Why? Because choosing between looking taller and comfort or in my case I need to bike quite a lot, so heels just become less and less of an option.

Let’s start with heels first, shall we? They are amazing, I know, they make you look less like a child and more like a woman. Suddenly, wearing longer dresses or skirts becomes a considerable option and if they are nude then the illusion is full on “creating” longer legs. They come in every possible color and pattern you can think of but the higher the heel, the more the chance to trip, break a leg, die. Of embarrassment, of course (I am pretty sure no one has died of wearing heels). So yeah, comfort is not only the first but the biggest struggle. Then, there is the fact that being tiny obviously means having a smaller leg and finding a size that’s not huge is most likely not there or sold out as it is not stocked as much. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. And convenience. I guess that does go hand in hand with comfort but it does deserve its own mention. No matter how good heels look and feel when it comes to putting together an outfit and your confidence, flats are the easier option. With them there is no chance of the heel breaking, of falling or getting stuck somewhere when you’re walking around.

It’s just so much easier. However, there is a but. There is always a but. There are actually a few of them. Firstly, you’re back to the childish look. I remember before I moved, I used to wear so much heels and since I am here in the Netherlands, I can tell you the convenience factor did overcome my love for heels. Nevertheless, I can see that I have to think on creative ways of mastering my height illusions. And even though sizes are not an issue, styles seem to be. Yes of course, there are ballerinas, loafers, sneakers of all kinds but if you want to go for a more formal look doesn’t your eye always drift to the heels in the shop? At least, that’s what happens to me 99% of the time. And the final struggle I will mention today is that not wearing heels makes you slouch. Why? Because heels, natural makes you walk straighter. But, but, but I still prefer flats anyways. Convenience and comfort. Always.

Despite that, don’t forget to always do you and wear whatever makes you feel the best in your skin. I hope you had a laugh during this one. I will see you, well write to you (sounds more romantic, doesn’t it?) very very soon. That is of course if my IT career doesn’t go forward…

Until next time my tiny and lazy fashionistas…

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