Mini Me and a Mini Skirt

Omg, can you believe it?! Finally, time for spring. Even though, the lovely Dutch weather may not agree with me, I have decided it it spring and it’s time to bring out all those trend reports, all us tiny girls can use this season. It’s the season we can finally get rid of all layers that make us look like a Michelin man (well at least some of them, for now) and enjoy the sun (or rain in my case). The first trend is about something that when I read it, I may have almost screamed. I love mini skirts okay…

I can say I am still quite jealous of those midi metallic skirts and people who can rock them. They honestly look so cute, and I keep seeing them in shops and I keep wanting to buy one but well, I look even tinier than I already am with one of them so that was not really a good buy.

But step aside, long skirts because minis are here to take over.

It is spring and with the rise of temperatures, the time to also shorten up our closet items is inevitable. And what’s even better mini skirts are actually a trend for the spring/summer season this year. It seems like it’s been a while they have been so popular, but as I have decided this trend is made for us tiny girls, which it is probably not, but still I have decided upon it, I am happy to help with styling.

Let’s start with staples. A medium to high-rise always looks the best on tinier girls but I am going to leave that choice to you, girls. When it comes to color a black one is always a good staple and from then on when it comes to style and patterns, the diversity of what you can buy is so much, you are probably not able to think of it all. I personally have a whole variety but my most preferred skirts are usually straight and tight one,s as they complement my figure the best. So, the choices you can make when it comes to mini skirts are a pretty significant number, also from the lowest to highest price points.

But what about styling them you might ask? If we do consider this years trends, mixing patterned ones with graphic tees or shirts, for a more formal look, are some options you can’t go wrong with. As pink is the color and yellow are the colors of this spring/summer season incorporating them in your outfits is another thing you can all do. And even if it is still chillier now, don’t fear girls! A warmer pair of tights in a color and pattern of your choice is your way of keeping warmer and still being able to wear your new mini skirt. Believe me I know, I am that weirdo that is always too cold.


My favorite thing to do, when styling mini skirts is pairing them with basic tees, patterned or colorful tights and a pair of sneakers. Casual and most of all comfortable but also stylish and cute. The outfit for this particular article is just about that. As I was on a city trip in Budapest a few weeks ago, the weather was really springy, but considering all the walking and sightseeing that had to be done, the outfit did need comfort.


I started off with a basic white tee and one of my favorite skirts ever, which is patterned and straight. I also put my fave burgundy tights and my new burgundy sneakers. Yes, I love burgundy, I know that… Black blazer and a black hat made the outfit a little more style-forward and then finally, a pair of mirrored sunglasses with a shoulder mini bag finished the outfit. See this season is all about minis (mini bags are a staple, too). So that means tiny girls are also in season, I guess. I think that was a bad joke, disregard it…


So there you have it girls, I hope you take out some tips out of here for updating your closet for this season. And special thanks to my partner in crime, Gery, for taking a thousand pictures of me even when she probably didn’t want to…

Until next time my tiny and lazy fashionistas…

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