Lazy Beauty with Highlighters

Hello, my lazy girls! Let’s talk about make-up and how to do as much tasks on the face as possible using one type of a product. Which one you might ask? Well, the one type pretty much everyone is obsessed with and that’s the highlighter. Highlighters are sold in so many brands, shapes, size and variations. From drugstore to high end, there should be at least one (or way more than one in my case) you will find that is up your alley. I am not going to go into the boring what is what in this article though. I am going to give a list of alternative highlighter uses to make your make-up routine so much easier and faster because time for us usually is occupied by lazier activities like sleeping, for example. Let’s get on with it then…


1. Universal use

Highlighters carry a use of well, highlighting. Cheeks,nose whatever part of your beautiful face you wanna enhance is what is the basic and very traditional use of this awesome and sparkly product. What I do, however, is skip contouring pretty much most of the time and just go straight to strobing. It saves a couple of minutes and how doesn’t love sparkle which you can never have enough of in contrast to darkening up which can go terribly wrong. Especially if you’re too lazy to blend…

2. Looking awake

Another one of the commonly known uses of highlighters is it’s ability to lighten thus making us look more awake. Because let’s face it, sleep is never enough and we’re tired pretty much all the time. So using a more cool-toned highlighter in the corner of the eye is perfect for creating an illusion of wider and more awake eyes…

3. Eye shadow

This one I use all the time. I am pretty sure we all wanna look put together but not try too much. So using your highlighter for eye shadow is such a great idea. You don’t need to do anything crazy apart from maybe blend a little bit. The sparkles will be enough to make your make up have something a little more in it, when it reality it took you no more than a minute to finish up your eye look.

4. Liquid eyeliner

All you need is an eyeliner brush and some water or fixing spray (fixing spray will make the product stick better than water) alongside a powder highlighter to make this work. This trick does require a bit more time as it is creating an eyeliner look and we all know that takes time. But there shouldn’t be much worrying about messing up as the fact that the sparkles in the product won’t allow for mess ups to be spotted right away. So all you have to do is dampen your brush, and go over the highlighter to create this look.

5. Lip uses

The final use I have for you girls I find very cool. It’s about using highlighter on the lips. The one use is putting some in the middle of your lips to create the illusion of having fuller lips. The next one is just plain going over your whole lips with a lip gloss under so it would stick, of course. Metal lip glosses are very in right now and if you don’t feel like getting one this can be a DIY for you.


There you have it. A few uses of highlighter to make you look put together. However, don’t go full-highlighter challenge on your face, I mean you can of course but these uses are just for alternative uses that can be handy when we’re too lazy. Until next time my tiny and lazy fashionistas…

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