Fall/ Winter Trend Report 4 – Chokers, Chokers Everywhere

Can you tell me you don’t own at least one? Or you haven’t seen them after no more than being ten minutes out of the house? Yup, I am pretty sure you have. Chokers are the very trend that literally everyone has gone crazy about. Did you hear Asos wanted to make them for men as well? But yes, chokers are the big big trend right now and it seems it’s not going away soon.

You’re probably asking yourselves what does being a tiny girl have to do with chokers. They are just necklaces to accessorize an outfit. But accessorizing has its own rules when it comes to being a small fashionista and some of those rules apply to chokers as well. These are, of course not strict or forbidding but can help to complete an outfit without being overwhelming for our height. Believe me, at first I didn’t even like the idea of chokers as I though they would make my neck appear even smaller. But there is a way around mostly every trend and we can always make it ours. That is why, I came up with three suggestions or rules, of how to wear choker when you are a tiny fashionista.

Choose the width of your choker wisely

I know, I know the wide textile ones are so cool or the Victorian black ones but they weren’t meant for the smallest necks. The skinnier the choker, the better. Why? Because it provides the illusion of having a longer neck thus resulting in looking a bit taller. The wide chunky chokers can make us look like, well, choked… They can literally “eat” your neck and that is no what we want, right?

Be careful when layering

The layering rules of not overdoing with clothes are still there even when it comes to chokers, or chokers with other necklaces. We all know how layering can cause to look like a big teddy bear. I honestly envy the tall girls that can pull it off… But enough complaining, it’s all about embracing our height in the end. So, when it comes to chokers and layering, we have to be careful to not overdo it with the accessories as the same thing that wide chokers do can happen, or if layering with longer necklaces the outfit can become too much, very fast. Which calls for the fact that even though you just bought a pack five chokers and you want to show them all at once, that may not be the best idea!

They are most likely not to fit

Same thing that comes along with sleeves and pants’ length. They are always too long. Of course, chokers are mostly made to fit a wide target audience, it’s most likely not going to be us. The original 90s ones, that are stretchy will of course fit, but we all know you girls like the cute velvet ones and the ones that have all kinds of charms on them. But not to worry, there is always DIY and Pinterest to help. What I personally do is tie a knot at the back of the choker to take some of the length away. The knot will most likely not be visible of your choker is thin. On the velvet wider ones what can be done is just cut the access and after either glue or saw the pieces together. In this way, you don’t have to worry about your chokers looking like normal necklaces and you will be on trend with everyone else.

I surely hope those tips and ideas were helpful and you can use them on yourselves in the future. Until next time my lazy and tiny fashionistas…

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