Having Tall Friends

You may wonder why I decided to put this particular photo as the featured one in this post. Well, it is about friendship but honestly you should have seen the full scale thing. My poor friend had to stand in crouched down until we got the photo right so our heights were matched. I am pretty sure all you tiny ladies have put your taller friends through this at least once. And to those tall friends we are sorry, we love you. This one is for both the shorties and tall girls and I hope you both enjoy it…

I don’t think I have stopped and thought about the fact that most of my friends are actually too tall. Maybe it’s a “opposites attract” thing or maybe it’s not, I would never know but it is no doubt that they are my giants and that is it.

So back in Bulgaria most of my besties played basketball throughout high school so it’s quite natural for me to look like I am their child when I am in between them and one of my friends in the Netherlands was Miss Teen Aruba and just became first runner-up in Miss Amsterdam and her height doesn’t need more explaining either. Considering that I made up a list of both of our sacrifices we have to do in order to make the friendship work. I mean not only short girls have their own problems…


Fitting all into a picture is such an issue sometimes, it is actually pretty funny. It will either be me on my tiptoes or them almost kneeling down so we look somewhat normal in pictures. I still refuse to believe it girls go down on pictures just because it’s something they do. Nope, that’s not the case, okay?



Going out

I am pretty sure half of the time we’ve been out the only reason we’ve been asked for ids is because of me. I am sorry for that. I know I look like the small 14 year old sister and the suspicions are understandable. Thank god for make up and it’s magical powers that can make you look a few year older than you are.


I am including a meme in this because, yes, it’s that relevant. Half-running, half-walking is something that is bound to happen if you want to keep up with your taller friends. It’s just a thing that is bound to happen. Or they have to walk slower, that is also an option. At least, shorties can keep up better shape, right?


If they are wearing heels, you have to double up  your game. If it’s Lady Gaga heels you’re required to do then you do it. No matter how painful it will be by the end of the day or night (depends on the occasion, of course). Or the other thing you can do, if you are not biggest fan of heels, like I am, keep a considerable amount of distance so the difference between you girls isn’t so striking. Or if there are stairs around keep a level up, that is usually my go to, especially on a night out.

But no matter what, they will always be your protectors. And this is on a very serious note. Specifically to my tall girls, I wanna say sorry for all the short girl problems I have caused you, my heart is big and tall even though I am small. You girls are the best but you all know it by now. And I think I speak for all my shorties out there on that.

Until next time girls…



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