Short Girl Struggles – Month: December

New Year, Taller Me

Don’t worry girls, I am not taking some weird elixir that makes you taller. I did think of Nesquick though, remember that advert with the kid that grew taller? Oh I used to so believe it when I was younger. But no, that’s not the case anymore. What I do mean however is just growing as a person and as Short Girl Struggles is more my monthly diary than anything else I decided to put myself to write a few words on this upcoming year and my internal height I hope to gain.

I know some of you will say, knowing we are all so lazy here resolutions are not particularly relevant as we are not likely to fulfill them, I disagree. I think, they can, I mean look at me, I have a blog now, that I actually love writing though. Even though, my biggest resolution is to update it more frequently. Sometimes, uni gets in the way big time, but I am going to try my very best to prevent this from happening in the future. And hey, I have one more year left so, the end is near. Wow, that went fast, too.

I mean seriously, how does the time pass so fast. A year ago, for example, I had barely anything posted here, I wasn’t even sure what I wanted to put on and how I want to present it. Now I have visitors and followers of the blog that regularly enjoy the content and I have a thorough direction of how to go on.

There is also my sincere of hope of continuing upward. We don’t want the short theme of this blog to continue as a bad outlook. I do, however, appreciate any one of you that take the time to do read this and take advice for yourselves, whether if it’s for fashion or lifestyle. Or you simply want to laugh with this particular section or you just want to see if shorties have the same experiences together.

That might as well be the just of it. Don’t worry girls, so much more is there to come and I hope I can get taller and taller with you. Thank you, again. Until next time, my tiny and lazy fashionistas…

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