Fall/ Winter Trend Report 3 – The Perfect Winter Outfit

First and foremost, Merry Christmas, ladies! I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season and there is a bit of time to spare for a dose of Disastrous Couture. This one is literally about embracing the tiny cutesy girl look. In the winter that is. I mean we all know that we are going to get lost in all the layers we need to wear to keep warm so we might as well go with it. Right!?

Winter is definitely beautiful, no doubt but the cold is something I am not really made for. Australia, mark my words, I am gonna move someday soon… But until then, those high-heeled outfits, the not so thick coats and pretty hats, will have to wait until at least March. And before you say anything, yes I have gone out in cold weather wearing an exactly desired look that wasn’t warm enough but guess what happened? I usually end up in the bed the next few days. Comfort and warmth over everything, I guess…

However, all of that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your fashion sense, of course. Yes, looking tinier will be a thing you’d have to deal with but hey, what’s so bad about it anyways?

Trends are in our favor this year as puffer jackets and bombers are actually in style and being warm under one of those doesn’t mean a fashion suicide. A bomber is exactly what I am wearing and it is something a prefer on a regular basis during this winter. They have them in every color and pattern you can think of, from thick to thin, from affordable to not so much. There is really choice for everyone here and the same goes for puffers as well. My choice in this case is dark blue as it is super versatile and it happens to be my favorite color.


Jeans are also a staple in the winter for me, even though I still put on skirts with some patterned thick tights, jeans are usually the more comfortable and warmer option.


A hat is usually a must. It has a double purpose in my case and I am pretty sure in a lot of cases for you ladies, as well. Keeping your head in a good temperature is one, and hiding the hair is the other. I mean it’s embracing laziness, the no time for a hairstyle in the morning and putting under a cute hat. Perfect trick, right? Another accessory is a colorful scarf. Why colorful? For a pop of color to a plain and dark outfit like that. People that know me know my very unhealthy obsession with scarves, so winter is usually to take them all out of the closet and put them on. I do also have gloves on which match my hat and a small black leather bag to complete the outfit. Those small bags have been a trend since this Spring and are both handy and cute.


Finally, wearing skates is not an essential but just happened to be a part of the outfit that day. During the winter, I don’t usually need them anyways, I am always slipping on the ice anyways. Clutz in the family, yup, that’s me.

See, my tiny ladies, you can really perfect a winter outfit pretty easily and fashion is in our favor this year, anyways. So I hope I gave you some inspiration you can use for yourselves and create some fun outfits on your own. Winter is just starting so there is plenty of time to play around.

Special thanks for the photos to Marcus van Belkum!

Until next time, my tiny and lazy fashionistas…

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