Traveling – Short Girl Style


Disclaimer: This article is not about travel fashion or the joy of founding yourself in a new place. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy that part the most… This is about those disastrous things that can happen on the point in between places when you are too tiny…

So… There I am. Sitting at Eindhoven Airport, writing this article while waiting for my delayed flight. I am silently thanking my boyfriend for sending me away today. For once I didn’t have to deal with all the struggles I usually do when travelling.

What is so bad you might ask. Well, having moved three years ago across Europe, going home at least three times a year and then the occasional city trip, I have had my fair share of incidents.

My city does not have an airport so that means a must train ride and probably two bus rides to get just to one. The struggle starts there… Considering that I am a fashionista, I do always pack more than the usual in my suitcase that I am pretty sure I can fit into. Going on the train or bus have cause multiple falls and struggles, angry bus drivers that I am too slow or angry passengers on the train for the same reason. Getting off the train is pretty much the same. I did fall face on over my suitcase once, I do laugh about it now but then, not so much. this the time to thank all the nice people that have helped me when they have seen me struggling. You people are the best…

Then, let’s talk about flying. No, I can’t complain about a seat being too small for legs but I still have, well, let’s say not pleasant situations. Struggle here starts with passport control. I have been look weirdly about my small and young looks and what it says on my id pretty much every time. One time the security even thought my id was fake and he kept asking where my parents are. I was 18, by the way. He was so surprised when he looked at my change but thank god nothing bad happened. Then, we have the hand luggage. Picking it up above my head is literally impossible. Yeah okay, it is, but not without hurting something. And my usual small planes that I am on, means impatient people to sit which start puffing and pushing you half the time. After I am in my usual window seat, life is great again until we land. Then, the same thing. Once someone pushed my jacked so further up storage above that I had to climb on the seat to get it. Thank god no crew member saw me. The little rebel I am. I know. I know…

Once we’ve landed and off the plane luggage belt. A nightmare for everyone too small and weak. It’s a moving thing from you which you need to take that same suitcase bigger than you. The phrase “The struggle is real” fits perfectly here. After that the same cycle with the travelling to point of destination after the airport continues.

However, right now, I am going home, which the comfort of my mom’s car, with only a backpack for hand luggage and the suitcase in the truck. Perfect holidays with a winter wonderland, I might add.

I hope any of you tiny ladies out there can relate and feel a bit better that you’re not the only ones going through the travel struggle. Because we do have to stick together right…

Until next time my lazy fashionistas…

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