Short Girl Struggles – Month: October

Getting Old, but not Tall

This one is about birthdays. Yes, yes it is. My birthday just passed and yes it was in November but the very beginning and let’s face it a month before we all start reminiscing. It’s not like I feel old or anything I mean did just turn 21 but growing tall is something I haven’t done in a while.

Yes, yes I know some of you are going to say, but this blog celebrates being tiny and embracing girls’ shortness. And yes, that is true but there is a little bit of but I want to mention. I got the awesome privilege to be home in Bulgaria for my birthday this year. Something I haven’t done in two years, which was really really amazing. Yet again, I saw the wall with me and my sister’s length measurements through the years and you know what I noticed? I haven’t grown any taller since I was twelve. I mean I did kind of know that already but it did shock me a bit. Then, I just started laughing cause I still have more than enough right to buy children’s clothes and not feel bad about it.

See?! I am not being serious as usual. No sadness, no bad feelings whatsoever. However, I think I may have not grown taller, but I did become wiser, I think…

It’s funny how you see a wall on which there are measurements that represent the physical growth you have been through and yes it does stop at some point but you do realize that the way you have mentally in a way become taller is larger than explainable.

And to be fair, I am very much thankful for that, as this blog is also a part of this growth. We are getting too emotional here, aren’t we?

Well, this is probably the least comic I have been in this section, but don’t worry guys it will be back to normal from the next one. It is not bad to do a bit of serious writing from time to time. Until next time, my lazy fashionistas…


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