Short Girl Struggles – Month: September

Back to Uni Life Type of Struggles

Hello Fall, hello colder days, warmer clothes, and hello university. I didn’t miss you that much but well I can’t go on without you, your deadlines, sleepless nights to meet those deadlines and the occasional struggle of being the height that I am…

Ladies, you just read an excerpt from my love letter to my uni. No, I am kidding, well I am truthful just I am not that crazy, yet… Although saying hello to September and collage life or school life is not that bad, quite on the contrary actually, new Fall fashion choices, seeing friends you haven’t for a while, going back to a routine and all the other basic things. However, a few things may not be up your sleeve, especially if you identify with the purpose of this blog. Being lazy, I am not even going to mention cause we all know how hard getting up early in the morning is, and how everything else but working on assignments seems more important. And then there is being tiny, remember my first post in this Short Girl Struggles section? The one with the list of what it is like to be small and live in the Netherlands? It’s basically that list but on steroids happening during the first month of uni and then some. This is exactly what this post is about. The extra struggles that come along the month of September and I hope I make you laugh at least a bit.

So, I am attending fourth year International Communication and Media courses specializing in Media (I know it sounds so cool and it really is) and I go in, new people don’t know anyone. You all know how it is. Of course people look at me like isn’t she too young to be here and then you meet some people and you can get the question: “Why did you move to the Netherlands if you’re so short? Don’t you feel so small?” I am telling you girls, it’s every time. So advice is, perfect your resting bitch face so people don’t even bother to ask it…

Continuing on, you know how during the first few weeks everyone try to be pretend they are decent students and attend all classes? Yup, we all have done it but that can become tricky. Example is you’ve just met some new people you like and guess what you turn around for a second and you lose them in the crowd of other confused students. Of course everyone around you is so much taller cause it is the Netherlands and you feel all squished and claustrophobic. Advise here, push though them all no one will see you coming and that’s why it’s kinda mean and cool at the same time.

And don’t forget during the first few lecture sit more in the front yeah, same thing from the last paragraph applies here. This can actually go in two different ways because you may wanna hide because it’s 8:30 in morning and you’re barely awake and functioning (Yay to a a messed up sleeping schedule) do sit in the back. Teacher won’t see you most likely. Nevertheless, if you want to actually listen and function as good student, go in the front, cause let’s face it drawing heads instead of notes won’t help for the exam.

I think that’s pretty much it. Hope it was more entertaining than taken as actual advice by all of you, ladies. Until next time my tiny and lazy fashionistas…

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