Short Girl Struggles – Month: August

The Summer, the sun, the sea and all the struggles that come with them…

Once upon a time there was a thing called Summer… Well, it was only a month ago but it seems much longer, doesn’t it? But in the light of all of us probably missing Summer like crazy I decided to share some of the struggles of being tiny during the best season of all…

To be fair with you all, some of the things that have happened to me are utterly ridiculous but they are all true and I hope you get a good laugh out of them.

So starting off, with activities and mainly beach activities. Volleyball, for example. I love it you know, one of the two sports next to tennis I enjoy but my shortness doesn’t help especially on a beach. The numerous times I’ve not been first choice to play because you know when you sink in the sand my height becomes even more smaller than it already is. Or when you’re in the sea, all of your tall friends wanna go in deeper in the water and you’re there like “There is no ground beneath my feet how do you expect me to do anything”. Sad emoji inserted.

Oh, and you know I’d like to think of myself as pretty good swimmer but when the life guard tells you’re too young to go in so deep without someone else or the kids’ swimming pool is actually best for your height and you’re there telling them you’re 18 and you can take care of yourself pretty well. There are a few perks of this, however. I have been on so many children water slides and no one has ever made a complaint which was pretty awesome.

Another thing is that it seems that tall people with sunglasses on are especially not observant of what goes around or to be more exact beneath them so they just bump into. Seriously, it seems whenever Summer roles around people are prone to crash into me than usual and when they do try to apologize, the say something of the sort that they didn’t see you down there. That is something that I’ve really got used to during the course of my life and don’t tell me ladies this hasn’t happened to you at least once…

Still, summer is my favorite season mostly because I do enjoy heat. Quite a lot and the fact that summer clothing gives you a lot more room to create the illusion of at least seeming taller than you already are. And then, there is vacation and going back home to my family for a longer period of time and my unconditional love for the sea. I am a Scorpio, okay? I love water. So all in all, summer is not all bad. Of course, there are the occasional struggles but all have to live them. Am I right, my tiny ladies?

And in more seriousness now, this summer was still amazing and I hope all of yours was amazing as well. I know I am already excited for the next one to come. Until next time my tiny and lazy fashionistas…



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