Denim Is the New Black

Maybe the title of the article is a bit too cheesy? But well, it’s true, isn’t it? It is time for Fall already, and it seems that denim is going into the season with full speed. In whatever form and length and us tiny girls shouldn’t stray away from this wonderful trend. It’s time for the overalls, the jackets, shirts and jeans to be taken out but of course a few simple rules need to be followed in order for our height to be lengthened with a bit of illusion.

So let’s get started then. My new favorite thing is overalls. It’s absolutely awesome and I am really in love with this trend. I spent quite some time figuring out what the perfect fitting item for my little self is. H&M finally had what I needed and fits amazingly. So my advice to you tiny ladies is look for a tight one, I know those flared or loose one are cute but they would make you look much smaller. Another thing to consider is a higher waist line as it would make you seem even taller. Once you get the right one you would know that overalls are extremely versatile and it’s not hard to wear them no matter the weather. This is why it’s so cool to actually have one.


In addition to the outfit, I pared it with my trusty converse and of course, a choker. Chokers have really been the it-accessory this year and the trend is definitely here to stay for Fall, as well.


Continuing on, another look I have been adoring lately is denim on denim. White jeans with a jean shirt or whatever color denim suits your taste is perfectly fine. Denim is something that’s would most probably never go out of style. And yes, maybe it is playing safe but let’s not forget the fact that playing safe goes to satisfying our laziness as there is usually nowhere to go wrong. You know I am right, ladies. You know I am.



When it comes to accessories in this very case, denim allows the layering of different fabrics. That is why i could not ignore my love for suede and not include my brown suede booties and my favorite fringe mini bag. Suede is also becoming a staple this Fall and it really brings 90s vibes back into the fashion scene. That is why the topic is getting its own blog post very very soon.


Another addition to the outfit, that is pretty much in every clothing store right now is the bomber jacket. As Fall has its chillier days, a good jacket is always a savior. The bomber really is one of my favorite trends this season and a shorter, more fitting one will not make it seem like you are smaller than you already are. Trust me, there are so many styles, lengths and colors available that it is hard not to find something for yourself.

So there you have it, Fall is knocking on our doors and it’s definitely time to sport some new outfits. I hope every one of you ladies can take some inspiration and create some denim creations that you love. I want to give a huge shutout to my bad ass photographer Zhanina who made me shoot in the creepiest yet coolest basement ever. Go check her out on Flickr, she really is amazing…

Until next time my tiny and lazy fashionistas…

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