Travel Style for the Shorties

“Stuff your eyes with wonder, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” – Ray Bradbury. I remember reading this quote somewhere about a year ago and then saving it because of the impact it had on me. It’s very much true, isn’t it? This quote made me realize that whatever I do, I will try to travel as much as possible. However, this post is not about travelling.Well, it is, but it is about fashion while travelling for all my tiny ladies and finding sufficient ways to experiment with simple pieces for more options for less packing and less effort.

So first things first, it’s quite important to know the size of your luggage and to be fair I love a large suitcase but then again it’s bigger than me so it’s not exactly practical. However, there is always ways to not over pack and still be able to pull out more than enough cute outfits. This can be achieved by laying out different possibilities before packing. Trust me basic shirts and tops can be your savior as a scarf or chunky necklace can immediately make them into a few different options.

Considering the height illusion that we want to create most of the time, heels are most probably not the answer. Of course, if you’re one of those superwomen that can do everything in heels, (I admire you, really) you can definitely do that but for the ladies that love comfort there is a few options as well. A pair of high-waisted jeans are a staple that can be paired with the previously mentioned basics, crop tops and etc, the option are really endless here. Another staple I can recommend is again a high-waisted black skirt. This is again super versatile and can be paired with anything on top.

Of course, thinking about the place you’re going to. If it is chillier a short leather or denim jacket can always create the desired illusion of looking taller as well as some above the knee socks if you’re going for the skirt option.

Having put all those things in action, I went to an amazing trip to Barcelona a few months ago with my girlfriends. My allowed baggage was only carry on as we were on budget but those tricks worked like magic.


For the first outfit, the short jacket and high-waisted jeans are in action. My favorite scarf is also making an appearance, plus the most comfortable walking sneakers ever. The outfit is definitely comfortable for all the sightseeing and it’s simple yet not plain.


For outfit number 2, you can see I used the skirt tactic, wearing a pair of yet another comfy sneakers. The same leather jacket is used and yes I know it’s a repeat but hey I had no space in my suitcase and it was a four-day trip after all. I am also wearing one of my favorite basic T-shirts that says “Your life is a joke” (My sarcastic self was so happy when I bought it) and to complement that I have a chunky necklace on, as well.


Hopefully, I managed to help you my ladies with the struggle of travel fashion. Most of all, be comfortable, the people that are most probably not going to see you again. And on a more serious note, I cannot forget to mention my thanks to my awesome friend Soumia for making these amazing pictures.

Until next time my tiny and lazy fashionistas…

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