Short Girl Struggles – Month: February

Short Girl Struggles – Month: February – Shorties’ Party

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to feel tiny and lost? I am pretty sure at least one of you ladies has gone through at least one night of partying where everyone was exceptionally tall or the bar attender asked you for your id every time you tried to order a drink. And as I have mentioned in some of my posts, well, I live in the place with the tallest people in the world, so read on and enjoy my tragic yet funny experiences while living in up in the Netherlands…

I actually remember my first night out in Utrecht vividly. I felt so small, like midget really. Then, I remember leaving. Drunk? Not really. Smelling like a drunk, yes, for sure. Wet, as well. From being small you may ask. Oh yes. Everyone just seemed to not see me. They would just walk into me, spill beer all over. Head to toe, no kidding. To be fair, at first I was like, never again, but then I started laughing it off. I mean being small provides me with the superpower of just pushing through everyone so easily. Revenge, that’s what call it.

Then, I had this one time when didn’t want to let me in because they thought my id was fake. I was all dolled up, and they still said I look fifteen. So there I was little, tiny me fighting with a huge bodyguard, trying to get into a club. Damn, bikes and not being able to cycle with heels on. I am pretty sure if I was wearing them, I would have got in but no. Piece of advice, don’t try and cycle with really high heels. I did it once and instantly regretted it. I had the bruises to prove it.

One of the funniest things that have happened, though, is the weirdest pickup lines of drunk guys trying to flirt. I am guessing they want to be more interesting or I don’t even know what it is, but they try and make a short person joke sound cute which, well, let’s face it, cannot really happen. I had this one guy, he walked up to me and just said “Are you from the Hobbit, because you look like a movie star?” Really, no, that’s not how you flirt with small girls boys, remember that.

And that pretty much sums it up, covered in alcohol, not being able to get into clubs or get the drink because I look too young and bad flirting techniques. It is quite hard being in such a big, big world, huh? But no matter what, I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed myself or laughed sincerely with some of those experiences I’ve had while being out. I mean as long as you’re able to make being tiny an advantage there is nothing that can hold any of us back from having the night of our lives. Until next time my tiny and lazy fashionistas…

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