Short Girl Struggles: Winter Edition

I can honestly say that moving to the Netherlands may mean rain, sun, hail, rain and that cycle repeating itself over and over again but at least the piles of snow that sometimes were taller than me are where I left them: back home in Bulgaria. However, the little time I spent home for the holidays greeted me with enough snow to remember why being a shortie during the winter is not as fun. Oh and well, the Netherlands also has its downsides, don’t think that it doesn’t! So without further ado, there is my list of 5 struggles my tiny self has experienced during the winter.

  1. Losing yourself under layers of clothing

So I am guessing that looking like the Michelin man’s daughter is inevitable during the coldest months of the year. If you are like me and are always cold, you know exactly what I mean. I wouldn’t swap my trusty black puffy jacket for anything. Even thug, I am very aware I might look a bit ridiculous, you know at some point, you just stop caring. It’s all part of survival. As cliché as it may sound… Let’s put it that way, living life on the edge is not on my agenda in the winter. I mean it is but that’s because I am just clumsy. But when it comes to feeling warm, I put all those layers on even if it means getting lost somewhere under there in the process.

  1. Winter shortie jokes

“I didn’t see you behind that pile snow.” or “You built a snowman taller than you.” And everything along those lines you can think of. I’ve heard it all. I mean it is a bit funny but then I’ve still want it to hit people with a shovel or just snowballs but big snowballs. Of course, I haven’t done it. Violence is never the answer, kids. So I was just happy, I moved to the Netherlands here the snow melts before it hits the ground most of the time but guess what? There is wind lots of it. You can never have the best of both worlds and that’s what the next section is all about…

  1. Wind moving you around

If you didn’t already know, here it’s flat. And when I say flat, I mean really flat and below sea level most places. All of that equals wind, way too much wind, pretty much all of the time. And when you’re small, it tends to literally move you around, particularly in winter as it is even stronger. My boss was joking with me that it would be a good idea to put some stones in my pockets so I don’t get pushed around in the wind. To be fair, I am actually considering it, I mean sometimes I feel like I really believe I can fly. Away. And end up somewhere far, far away.

  1. Being mistaken for a child more than the usual

This is an all-year-round problem but maybe it’s the many layers of clothing or maybe it’s just people are crankier during the winter months, I have noticed that I am mistaken for a child a lot more. Seriously, I couldn’t get into a club a few times already. The bodyguards just thought my id was fake and there was no way I am above 18. Short Girl life is really a real struggle sometimes, I am telling you…

  1. No heels allowed

I remember my mom had this weird philosophy at some point that wearing heels in the winter is easier because if there is ice the heel would stick in the ice and you wouldn’t fall. Guess what? It doesn’t work. I’ve never been a fan of heels and I’ve always tried to embrace my shortness but sometimes there are those days where I just want to feel fierce and a little bit taller. However, the times those days came around in winter never turned out to be that good. The amounts of time I have found myself on my but in the snow or thought I’ve broken something have taught that heels in the snow are a no, no. And then, there we have the Netherlands. So winters he ear definitely not as snowy but still the ice in the cold days is not that fun either, believe me, I know. I am guessing winter really hasn’t considered all of us shorties and our daily struggles to not look as tiny as we are. So just opting for a nice pair of boots is the best option, I mean for anyone that feels like skating and falling, there are enough ice-skating rings out there…

There you have it. My very real and not so serious list of the five struggles I have experienced through my short girl life during the most “wonderful” time of year. Let’s just say I want to time travel to spring already…

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