The Lazy Girls Guide to Winter Beauty Essentials

It’s that wonderful time of year again where it’s dark when you wake up, it’s dark, well, all the time and the moment you go outside of the house you regret being born as no matter how many layers of clothing you have on, you still feel like Elsa was angry at you. Yes, my ladies, I am talking about winter, that wonderful season in which I feel that my laziness goes to a whole other level and being in my warm, cozy bed is the wisest life choice I can make for the time being. I know, I know, you totally know how I feel but none of have that luxury so let’s dive into how I conquer my laziness or just make it easier for myself to survive winter on the parts of my body not covered in layers and layers of clothing and still be on fleek. Yup, I said it.

We all know how our laziness can ruin it for us sometimes and winter is no exception. Having to put hand cream on constantly is an essential otherwise our hands look like we reached 100 sooner than we should have. However, we either don’t where it is and it is too far away to reach while watching something on Netflix that you don’t want to miss a second of. So, my tip is get a bunch of hand creams, they have them everywhere with various scents and prices, put one in each of your bags so you don’t forget them and place one near by the places you sit or lie down. Don’t forget easy reach, we are shorties as well, after all.

Lip balms are another essential that I can vouch for but they are always gone. I think they have a pact with the bobby pins. I am sure of it, girls, just think about it… Thankfully, though, the smartest thing for a lazy girl to do is again get like a dozen of lip balms, place them everywhere you may be, in pockets, desk, night stand, basically everywhere, so you don’t have to go on an impossible mission to find them. With that in mind, you should be good. Well, at least for a month, before they all decide to just dust into the air…

Continuing on with the whole moisturizing theme, it’s time to talk about faces. Here the whole putting them all over the place doesn’t count, as face creams are more expensive and finding the right one for your skin is pretty much, in this case. Nevertheless, let’s just say that getting out of bed because I forgot to put moisturizer on, seemed like such a waste of energy but believe you have to do it. Two months ago, just as winter was staring my skin got so irritated and dry that it actually scared me off. So, what I do now, is put alarms on my phone which manage to annoy me enough to always remember to put my face cream on. It’s one of those tunes you just feel it makes even your brain ring. But, hey, it helps a lot, so maybe it would help some of you ladies as well.

Last but not least, we have the hair. We all know that hats are perfect for all lazy girls, as no one can really tell how you didn’t do anything to your hair or just were too lazy to wash it. But despite all those beautiful features of hats, we can’t wear them all occasions and let’s not forget the fact if you do have your hair in a ponytail or a bun you just look bald with your hat on. Not a good look, I am telling you. I got asked if I was Snow White’s dwarf one time. So in order to escape being laughed at our height yet again and not look ridiculous. Just let your hair down while wearing the hat and put about five hair elastics on your wrist (nice accessory, too). I am saying five cause you know how those disappear with their friends the lip balms and bobby pins. So that’s just for safety precautions. And with that if you can’t wear your hat, you always have another hairstyle waiting for you rock and maybe no-one will notice the undone or unwashed hair you got.

There you have it, ladies. A few extremely easy things you can do to survive winter when it comes to beauty. They really help even if they don’t require anything much, but, hey, that’s how us lazy girls work, right?

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