Oversleeping, experiments, successes and failures…

The force awakens… or tries to awaken or most of the time cannot even do that. I had to use a Star Wars reference. I just had to. And no I am not using my mocking tone of voice it’s just that I am one of those Star Wars geeks that have watched the movies too many times to count. But enough of that, let’s get to the point of the first Lifestyle choice of topic. Sleep or more like too much of it. As a lazy girl who appreciates sleep more than anything else I decided to do a little bit of research about what too much sleep can do and is it bad or good. I found out some troubling and not so troubling information which I’d like to share with you ladies.

So we all know that getting too little sleep is bad and the perfect amount is between six and eight hours but apparently the thing us lazy girl love so much is also not as healthy as we may think. Recent research has shown that excessive sleeping can raise the risk of dying earlier, can also raise depression risk, diabetes risk as well as increase weight gain. A research in South Korea also showed that getting pregnant can be harder if sleeping longer than nine hour regularly. They found that pregnancy rates were highest among the women who got seven to eight hours of sleep a night and lowest in women who got nine to 11 hours. To be fair all that information startled me a bit as all of this started as a bit of a joke. But then I went deeper in and it turned pretty much every fact above can be contradicted or explained with another illness that just causes more sleep. Still, I decided to do a little bit of an experiment and try to follow the suggested steps in Wikihow on how to sleep less because why not? I mean it is supposed to be healthier that way.

Step 1 and 2 were all about making a sleeping schedule and making your bedtime mandatory. University student + regular sleeping schedule = fail. To the ladies with the same situation as me know what I am talking about. It’s ether work or a party and most likely last minute assignment because of too much procrastination or just plain laziness. Step 3 was to try and sleep in 90 minute cycles. Well, I just stopped hearing my alarm after the first few tries as I got used to it. Step 4 was to use darkness and light to your advantage but I guess the writers of the article did not really consider the fact that during the winter the night is so much longer so sleep should be way too much than the suggested hours. So that step worked but with its intended purpose. Then, step 5 to get exercise earlier in the day, which well worked because exercising is not my strongest quality.

Step 6, 7, 8 were about making waking up easier which required a lot of will power not to hit the snooze button and getting up straight away, showering every morning was not that challenging as by waking up straight away I actually had the time to enjoy it and then the “looking forward to something” step which for me is usually a cup of coffee. Believe I really do look forward to it.

Then came the staying awake phase which was a bit challenging as it required to not be as lazy as I can be. Step 9 was moving a lot and step 10 to avoid heavy meals at lunchtime. Step 11 was to take breaks from the computer but my breaks involved being on my phone so that didn’t really count. Step 12 was spreading caffeine during the day which I do either way and then step 13 was to put music on so you’re not sleepy which I already do as well. The last two steps involved skipping naps and washing your face if sleepy. The skipping naps part was a bit hard to do as I have learnt that university brings out the inner baby in me that wants to sleep all the time. The washing your face was fine I guess, it did wake me a bit.

All in all, it was a fairly successful experiment even though, I still feel like sleeping for at least 10 hours, otherwise I am not productive. And as BBC’s article on oversleeping ended: “If you enjoy sleeping, spend a lot of time in bed and feel good, you’re probably just fine. There’s no hard evidence that extra time asleep, or just lying down and relaxing, is going to kill you.” I can say I completely agree so let’s sleep away and not worry about it so much, ladies.

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