All of the Fall/Winter Fashion things every tiny and lazy fashionista needs to know…

I don’t know about you ladies but my excitement for Fall/Winter style hasn’t died down even though we’re halfway done with the season. To be fair, I am even more excited as there it’s getting colder and layers are doubling up. And with winter here, I thought why not dive in to this blog with some Fall/Winter fashion. I know, I know I am a bit late but as I think all of us are probably tired of seeing the same outfits and trends, I decided to combine a few and put a different spin to what we’ve been seeing and wearing for the last two months.

I am going to start with the basics first. Colors, that is. Before starting this blog I never knew about the existence of the company Pantone and to all the ladies who haven’t either here is what Wikipedia said about it: “The company is best known for its Pantone Matching System (PMS), a proprietary color space used in a variety of industries, primarily printing, though sometimes in the manufacture of colored paint, fabric, and plastics.” Pantone’s website came in light of my search when I was putting in what the latest color trends concerning the Fall/Winter season were. The website had a full report as well as examples of the colors that were in the so-called earthly tones and reflected on fun, fantasy, hope and all that is neutral. My lazy self looked at the colors and said hey there are a few shades grey, no not 50, and a few pastels. But then, I decided, hey let’s scroll down and may I tell you there seems to be a whole science behind this. I will not explain it in this article as this is not the point here but I will tell you this: the mixing and matching was more than fun though I still don’t remember the overly complicated names of those colors and I think the photos you will later see will speak for themselves.



Then, it was my favorite, the actual clothing trends. That did take a bit more time but hey for all of us shorties we need to adjust a little bit more and still stay in style. So I chose a few I could recreate and put my spin on. First things first, high-wasted EVERYTHING. Seriously, I was internally dying of happiness, when I kept seeing this trend during fashion week. Skirts, jeans, everything that you can put over your waist and it creates this beautifully crafted illusion of looking taller. Then, we get shorter. No not our height it is already good enough but I am talking about skirts. It is something that has more than one positive side and feeling sexier is one of them and again the taller illusion is doubtfully there. Crochet and pastels reminded of us summer but were still present in the Fall/Winter collections. Finally, something I noticed that was not really in the official color palette I mentioned previous was this all black trend. It was vampy and sexy, and I personally thought it was gorgeous and there was finally a fashion justification to be able to wear black from head to toe and not have people thinking you are in a gothic phase.

Finally, it was time to dig into my closet and try to mix and match as many trends and colors and create the illusion of being taller. Then, I chose one of the last good days of Fall in my lovely city of Utrecht, got a friend and took some awesome pictures.

For outfit number 1 I chose a very casual take and put on a scarf that has a few colors that relate to the year’s Fall favorites. With a pair of nice jeans which I am sure all of you ladies have in your closet and coat that is relatively short as we all know we tiny girls look even smaller in longer coats, my favorite high heeled booties and that wonderful scarf. It really does bring the whole outfit together and it makes it all a Fall trend worthy piece. The scarf has the hunter green, peachy orange and some very nice beige and as those colors have been quite fashionable, putting them together and adding an accessory really makes a basic outfit more fun.


For outfit number 2 I decided to play around with a few different things. In it, I have high-wasted, short skirts, all black minus one piece for a little pop of color with another Fall color that is dark but still makes a difference. So with a high-wasted short skirt, black tights, the staple black leather jacket and a burgundy shirt, you get a short girl appropriate outfit that easily catches the eye. A fun fact with this outfit was putting in the actual color of the year Marsala (burgundy as we all know it). According to Pantone this the color that represent this year’s Fall fashion and I couldn’t help but put it in.


And for outfit number 3, I played around with pastels. We all love them and let’s admit it they remind us of summer and we wouldn’t mind being reminded of that season even in the coldest moths of year. So we have black boots, black jeans, a crochet top in one of my favorites: mint and a blazer with a twist which is dirty white with leather sleeves. The last piece really brings an edge to an otherwise cute outfit which is something should be done even with our tiny-selves once in a while.


So there you have it my ladies. A little inspiration for the rest of winter and I hope you love it as much as Christmas songs (that is generally speaking, because we are all probably tired of them already)…

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