Me, Myself & Trends

How do we figure out what to wear, how to style, how to be yourself and then again not go out in pajamas? I mean not all of us are Selena Gomez and can rock pajamas and heels. I have personally been researching trends for years now and what I’ve learnt is that one: being petite means incorporating them and making them your own and two: being lazy means shoving yourself in your closet and again incorporating what you have because let’s face it, watching TV series all day is so much better than spending hours hunting for clothing items currently in style. Of course, my best friend online shopping will agree that whenever the closet does not cooperate then I turn to it.

But how to incorporate correctly, well that’s another story. I did look up the exact meaning of a fashion trend which goes somewhere around the meaning of a craze that develops among a large population and is followed with huge enthusiasm for a period of time. So this development is something that has been in people’s life for a very long time and will stay that way in the future, too. But fashion is something that is mainly very standardized and it takes time and effort. The industry has grown enormously over the last years and diversity is starting to grow more and more.

Considering all of this, let’s get back to the point of incorporating all the latest trends when you’re petite and lazy. Starting off with research, don’t get scared though, it’s nothing a lazy girl cannot do. Social media, mainly Instagram and Pinterest are your main resources. There are new numerous accounts out there that are not as lazy to post hundreds of photos every day. And hey let’s admit it, every one of us uses social media every day, it’s our favorite procrastination tool and you, my girls all know it. You can also follow a blog or two and there you have it, you will have what you need to successfully educate yourself of what is in the current fashion season. Then it’s time to make it your own. All of us shorties know the struggle of trying to put on a cute outfit and at the same time not make the illusion of looking even tinier then we already are. And let’s not forget the life-long dilemma: heels or comfort?

This is where this blog will help every one of you ladies. From the high-wasted, to the short skirts, the heels, the cropped tops, there is always a way to be both comfy and look taller and most of all fashionable. Fashion has been very much in our favor these last seasons and I cannot be more excited to show you all that there is no need to be a fashion guru or to turn this into a full-time job as fashion and beauty can easily be just a passion that gets you out of lazy girl zone.

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